Release 8.46.2Wed Dec 13 2023Release
This release fixes an error which occurred when uploading video files, and adds a KDOT district layer to the map.
Release 8.46.0Wed Dec 06 2023Release
This release improves the reliability and error reporting of file uploading.
Release 8.45.0Mon Dec 04 2023Release
This release changes the dashboard charts to use the reflectivity mean rather than the median.
Release 8.44.0Fri Dec 01 2023Release
This release adds 'hide' buttons to some charts on the dashboard page.
Release 8.43.0Wed Nov 15 2023Release
This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:
  • Map filters will no longer show options which aren't present in any of the available runs.
  • A bug which prevented several map filters including Lane Type from working has been fixed.
  • A bug in the polygon average tool which could cause a crash has been fixed.
  • Caltrans: Postmile data is now included in the Thresholds and Shapefile export data.
  • Caltrans: The map Cycle filter now correctly shows fiscal year options.
Release 8.42.10Mon Sep 25 2023Release
This release fixes the order of latitude and longitude coordinates in the Shapefile export function.
Release 8.42.9Fri Sep 22 2023Release
This release improves the use of Caltrans Postmiles system. First, when postmiles are looked up the distance from the interval to the nearest postmile is now limited to 0.1 miles. Second, striping plans now filter out intervals which do not have valid postmile values.
Release 8.42.6Tue Sep 12 2023Release
This release fixes the display of the wet markers layer on the map.
Release 8.42.2Fri Aug 11 2023Release
This release adds checks for password strength when passwords are created or changed, and adds banners which notify users of ongoing maintenance.
Release 8.42.1Mon Aug 07 2023Release
This release improves the behavior of the application when the web browser back/forward buttons are used to navigate between pages.